Friday, July 16, 2010

Edge of the ice and cold water

Some of us believe in the ice and cold water is not good for health, but research has shown that ice and cold water has its own advantages. The fact is derived from the writings Dr.Nohissam.

Between the edge of the ice and cold water are: -

1.Air cold can help people with insomnia are difficult to sleep in order to return to normal is the bath with cold water before bed

2. Cold water or ice can restore the memory or the nature of extreme forgetfulness.

3.Chewing ice will help strengthen the teeth. but also is said to increase intelligence and speed of movement.

4.If cough, also encouraged to eat ice cream slowly and continue until the cough disappeared within a few hours.

5.Cold water can also enhance the immune system as a deterrent some unusual allergic disease and infection

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